Complete Computing Environment: Server Orchestration with Puppet

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(provide 'cce-puppet)

Orchestration using Puppet

Work things are managed with Puppet right now. I still need to do a lot of research in to learning puppet best practices, but my workflow should have support for it.

Installing puppet-mode gets us syntax highlightings and some simple formatting, as well as a sane prog-mode derivative.

(install-pkgs '(puppet-mode))

At work we use some custom linting settings, let's make sure those carry across to my system.

(setq puppet-lint-command "puppet-lint --with-context --log-format \"%{path}:%{linenumber}: %{kind}: %{message} (%{check})\"  --no-double_quoted_strings-check --no-arrow_alignment-check --no-80chars-check --no-selector_inside_resource --no-documentation-check")

Author: Ryan Rix

Created: 2019-05-07 Tue 11:13

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