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While at MadeSolid I made some cool demos, which I've open sourced. They were going to be the basis of a print bureau we were going to build, with parametric customizable models being rendered in JS, and fed through the backend to our printers, each powered by a raspberry pi running the printqueue system.



JScad was a threejs demo platform which created parametric models based on a modified OpenSCAD dialect. It had sliders and crap, and could feed models in to Printqueue via scad-carver.

printqueue and quickslice

Printqueue and quickslice paired off to slice a bunch of STLs and queue them for printing. Each printer's pi was running slic3r and some celery workers; the celery worker would pull STLs and slice them and put them back in the sliced queue, and another worker would pull the sliced queue and print them using pronterface.


This transpiled OpenSCAD AST-compiled CSG in to python which interfaced with a library to output models using the Carve. It was basically a terrifying hack, but worked well and was faster than OpenCSG.


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