Let's Make An EmacsConf Happen

Table of Contents


  • What we Have
    • web page with ideas EmacsConf 2015
    • previous things
      • emacsconf.org domain from 2013, emacsconf.herokuapp.com
      • @emacsconf on twitter
    • Aug 22
    • emacsconf github org
    • #emacsconf on freenode
    • Nick, Alex, Sufyan, rrix, Samer, Sacha
  • What We Need
    • Location Ideas
      • SF
        • Internet Archive
        • Noisebridge
        • UCSF Event Hall (GoGoRuCo)
        • Other Schools
        • GitHub
        • Uber
        • Goodsearch (Sufyan's place)
        • Yelp
        • Twilio
        • Scribd
        • Rackspace/Geekdom
      • New York (cheaper for .eu) (NY Emacs meetup organizer there)
      • Boston (FSF location)
      • London (2013 location)
    • People interested in giving talks
    • Way to organize
    • Need to move on venue, should have venue nailed four months before event, so two months out from today
    • Estimated Attendence
      • 30-50 people?

DONE create emacsconf-organization google groups

invite samertm




CANCELLED Reach out to companies

Bcc: emacsconf-org@googlegroups.com

  • [ ] Uber
  • [ ] Rackspace/Geekdom
  • [ ] Twilio
  • [ ] UCSF/GoGoRuCo
  • [ ] Yelp via Uberfriends

CANCELLED Gather guest list on eventbrite or so

Lunch ticket/regular ticket

Cater lunch

CANCELLED How to make task list on github not terrible

CANCELLED real website

DONE Pull emacsconf planning project in to local files, add to agenda

[2015-04-08 Wed 22:50] Looking Ahead

CANCELLED EmacsConf planning

<2015-07-27 Mon 18:00>–<2015-07-27 Mon 21:00> [2015-07-26 Sun 18:51] Email from Sufyan Adam: Re: EmacsConf planning - Sunda

DONE Read Emacsconf   IDLE

DONE Read emacsconf/emacsconf2015   IDLE

DONE Read emacsconf   IDLE

CANCELLED create emacsconf/emacssf discourse

DONE Fork nortonimperiallabs/infra to emacsconf org

DONE Update roles to modern standards, roll in to my cgit

DONE Stand up an AWS EC2 machine   samer

DONE Deploy to said AWS

DONE Respond to "Ryan Rix (Google Groups)" <emacsconf-org+noreply@googlegroups.com> on Google Groups Invitation: emacsconf-org

CANCELLED fix samer's google groups access

CANCELLED Discourse on emacsconf.org

[2015-04-16 Thu 12:44] irc session 'cloud01:6697/'

CANCELLED Migrate google groups to discourse

[2015-04-16 Thu 12:44] irc session 'cloud01:6697/'

EmacsConf Meeting

  • [2015-04-29 Wed 21:42] SM: We have a venue, Sufyan has space for us at GOodreads
  • [2015-04-29 Wed 21:42] SM: Alex is AFK, emacsconf.org is a blackhole
    • SM: We have subdomains set up for our projects, no emacsconf.org yet though
    • SM: discourse, gogs, website, wiki
    • P: wiki probably needs to have spam control/captcha enabled
    • P: We can get SSL cert using mail or by fudging root@emacsconf.org
  • [2015-04-29 Wed 21:46] SM: What is left to do?
    • Move everything off of github on to git.emacsconf.org
    • Investigate moving to crissic from AWS
    • Move people from emacsconf-org to discourse
    • Invite the google group form to an announce group in Discourse
    • Get a SSL cert for emacsconf.org
    • Make a formal CFP, send that out
    • Org-powered blog
    • Mediagoblin
    • SSO via exchange/ldap
    • Calendar or some other event-type system
  • [2015-04-29 Wed 22:03] Top Priorities
    • Get us 100% on to emacsconf.org
    • Formal CFP
    • Set up a calendaring/events systems on wiki

DONE Organize discourse

DONE Send FSEM to paul

[2015-04-29 Wed 22:29] Basic Agenda Configurations

DONE Push emacsconf-org csv in to Discourse

CANCELLED Reach out to John Wegley about #emacsconf irc ownership

DONE emacsconf meetup @ goodshop

emacsconf planning

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Created: 2015-10-25 Sun 18:58

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