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There wasn't an organized meetup group in the bay area for Emacs users, so I created one. It's in its youth, and it has a lot of work to do before it'll be a surviving community, but I'm going to try to put a lot of weight in to getting a healthy community of Emacs hackers going out here.

For now, I'm focusing on SF and the East Bay, but I'm certainly not against someone setting up an SV/peninsula subcommunity.


DONE Make sure my project ends up on Emacs Planet

DONE Send out an ICYMI tweet tomorrow during work ours about the project

DONE Create an informal meetup schedule


  • 5min: Group introduction
  • 10min: round table member introductions
  • -—> Informal chat


  • 10min: round table member introductions
  • 20min: 5 minute lightning talks
    • rrix intro to the group
    • -—> 3 5 minute lightning talks
  • 45min: Full-fledged talk with slides

NEXT Find a venue for informal meetup

  • Quiet
  • Dinner options
  • BART Accessible
  • Teatotaller Friendly
  • Tablespace
  • All Weather
Location Neighborhood 4sq Quiet BART Accessible Teatotaller Friendly Tablespace all weather
Lost and Found Uptown, Oakland link yes yes ish yes indoor/outdoor

NEXT find a venue for presentation style meetups

NEXT Brainstorm some morsels of FSEM to boil in to a presentation

  • Gnus beginning -> intermediate
  • Org clocking and capturing
  • Emacs on alternate formfactors
  • Hydra

DONE Kickoff Dinner

DONE Rough Outline

DONE emacs-sf

DONE Work on emacs-sf presentation

CANCELLED Rocky Bernstein emacs-sf meetup

NEXT Email events coordinator about SICP meetup

DONE eshell with samer masterson

NEXT Reboot Emacs-SF

NEXT Schedule a Presentation meetup @ noisebridge

NEXT Reach out to Twilio to see about event hosting

NEXT Send out a CFP

DONE Schedule emacs-sf

DONE Emacs-SF Lightning Talks

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Created: 2015-10-25 Sun 18:58

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