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Yeah, I'm that guy. I created a site as a joke, and some day I'm going to make it an actual thing. I have a half-baked prototype, basically a bunch of slightly-themed CRUD pages built on an old-ish version of Ruby on Rails. I keep wanting to use it as an excuse to learn a new programming language but currently have not had the energy to do it.

I want this to be more than just a static site, or a place to upload obscene things; I want to build a 3D printing community. Bad Dragon is up to some cool shit with their Bad Dragon Labs, and building a community similar to that would be the end-goal of Dongiverse, with the company doing high-quality production of the objects which the community is most interested in, and the artist would get most of the profit from it.

Some day. Some day.


INPROGRESS Build out base system

DONE Pick base frameworks for web app

DONE Build data layer

NEXT Test coverage and patterns


  • DONE Implement Signup Flow logic

  • NEXT Implement login flow logic

    • post to /login and friend does things
  • NEXT Create friend/authenticate wrapper in defroutes

NEXT User Profiles

NEXT Figure out how to thumbnail STLs

NEXT stl2pov ansible role

NEXT Resque job to create stl2pov magic

NEXT Ensure resque worker stuff in railsapp role works

DONE Spec out simple class model

NEXT Design CMS interface

WAITING Figure out payment structure for premium models

WAITING Build out interface

NEXT Deploy Discourse on


See Also

There was a few months there where dongiverse got a bunch of media coverage. It was weird, but pretty cool. I'm even quoted in an adult entertainment industry magazine somewhere.

Author: Ryan Rix

Created: 2015-10-25 Sun 18:58

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