Complete Computing Environment: Twittering-Mode

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Twitter and Microblogging

(provide 'cce-twitter)

I use twitter as a source of entertainment, and as an Idle Action to throw new things in to my reading list, and to communicate with certain folks in my friend circles. For this I use a custom bot I made which pushes Twitter timelines in to my chat client. As such, there isn't an insane amount of configuration that must happen.

A big hunk of this plays in to my WM configuration for XMonad with which I want to put all of my idle things in a single workspace, but it is not super easy to do this even with XMonad configuration, so I have a small wrapper that I use

set -x
wmctrl -s 2
link-this $PWD/out/ ~/bin/ws
chmod +x ~/bin/ws
(setq cce/fun-buffers
        "Home Timeline"
        "Work Twitter"
        "Kickass Systems Common"
        "Emacs Twitter"
        "Computer Twitter"
        "Devops Twitter"
        "Artists Twitter"

(defun cce/make-fun-buffer-frames ()
  (let ((display-buffer-alist '((".*Async.*" display-buffer-no-window)))
        (async-shell-command-buffer 'rename-buffer))
    (mapc (lambda (bname)
            (async-shell-command (format "wmctrl -s 2; emacsclient -nce '(display-buffer-same-window (get-buffer \"%s\") nil)'" bname)))

Author: Ryan Rix

Created: 2017-03-31 Fri 15:22

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